Dave started his entrepreneurial journey at just 14 with a bicycle repair shop at the back of his Dad's butcher shop. At 24 he became the proud owner of a small local auto repair shop named Dave's Pit Stop where as luck would have it he meet Steph. She was the girl of his dreams and 16 years later the two were married on August 2019. Back in 2014 $10,000 from Steph's Aunt Betty began their 13 year journey together as full time house flippers and Real Estate Rescue. Today you'll find this happy couple building their real estate career at Luxe Home Team. It was just 2 short months before his lung cancer diagnosis in 2016 that Dave completed his real estate license to team up with Steph and grow a business they both loved, but a cancer diagnosis was a game changer and Healthy Healing Habits was born 4 1/2 years later.  Here they share everything they've learned together, their incredible story, and how they've been able to help others on this journey of discovery!



Steph started her career as a licensed dental assistant at a very young age, a career she would give up to manage Dave's Pit Stop in 2007, 4 years after meeting Dave. There's more to Steph then what meets the eye! Steph wears many hats renovating 25 homes with Dave at Real Estate Rescue. Steph is a savvy Niagara real estate investor who became a licensed real estate agent in 2013. Initially she did this to help their business, but quickly discovered her passion to help others buy and sell homes. To date Steph has helped 100's of happy clients to hit their real estate goals, but has discovered another passion  here at Healthy Healing Habits. In 2016 Dave's cancer diagnosis changed their lives forever forcing them to adapt a new way of life, a healthier lifestyle, and inspired her to learn more about how to not just survive, but thrive. Here Steph shares her story as a caregiver and her own personal journey with cancer and her own Healthy Healing Habits!

For over 17 years Dave Vogt & Stephanie Schaeffer have been joined at the hip, however in 2016 everything changed leading them on a personal journey of discovery into the power of nutrition, health, and life changing habits that they would have to adapt to survive.

It all started in January of 2015  when Dave's mom (Peggy) was hospitalized after experiencing multiple mini strokes. With Peggy's carotid arteries 75% blocked on one side and 100% on the other. This slowed the blood flow to Peggy's brain which meant that there was a short supply of oxygen to her brain which lead to several small strokes in her brain. Thankfully these mini strokes, although damaging, were not debilitating.

This lead to many sleepless nights as Dave struggled to understand why his moms arteries were blocked and what he could do to restore blood flow back to her brain. He read feverishly studying books like The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and how the body can completely reverse the effects of arterial plaque and heart disease. Peggy was also dealing with age onset type 2 diabetes which these books shared the concept of the whole food plant based diet to not only reverse heart disease, but also type 2 diabetes.  

Dave was determined to find a way to help his mom and tirelessly researched to understand what he could do, but he was completely blown away with Peggy's doctors and their complete lack of knowledge of diet and nutrition and their effects on the issues at hand. The doctors, the professionals put in charge to help Peggy, lacked this basic knowledge. The doctors solution wasn't a cure, but a bandaid that included a laundry list of drugs that have been found to actually complicate matter vs cure her issues.

It was then and there that Dave, Steph, and their family started to use the power of nutrition and the metabolic relationship between food, exercise, and daily habits that would ultimately help Peggy to enjoy a better quality of life, soften the arterial plaque in her carotid arteries, and reverse her type 2 diabetes with diet and supplements alone allowing her to slowly recuperate!

The universe works in mysterious ways...Dave & Steph had no idea how this one traumatic event would fuel their desire to understand the human body's  ability to heal when supported with a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and proper supplementation. It was this research that would help them on Dave's 46th birthday, February 12th, 2016 when they heard the words "You have lung cancer!"

These are word you can never erase, but thankfully they'd been doing their homework. They knew what to do, they knew what NOT to do, and they had a plan from day one. Obviously terrified, but completely optimistic, leading Dave & Steph on a journey of discovery over the last 4 years adopting a new way of life filled with the healthy, healing, habits. Here is where they share their story to help inspire and motivate others to adapt this amazing and powerful lifestyle change to combat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stress, and all that ails you. 

There is a better way to heal the body...drugs can only do so much and in fact they are often part of the problem as you'll discover throughout this website. Dave & Steph want to inspire others to take control of their lives, take care of your body, and fill your heart with the joy and love the world has to offer.